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Tips for tree removal

The maintenance of a property is not always an easy task. Beyond the maintenance of its hedges or shrubs, an owner can face particular situations created by aging or annoying trees. It may happen that a tree that grows on your property comes to represent a danger or a nuisance to such an extent that you have to cut it down.

Cutting down as a last resort

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the removal of a tree is indeed the ultimate solution, the last option to consider. Tying a tree or pruning may represent more affordable options and lead to smaller jobs.

Regulations to cut down a tree on your land

It is understood that any cutting operation must be carried out in accordance with the regulations, the laws in country and a permit must be obtained before proceeding with the work. In a residential environment, anyone wishing to dispose of a tree must take the necessary steps to obtain a permit before starting work. It is the responsibility of this person to obtain the said license before contacting a company working in the field.

How to cut down a tree

Once there, specialists should first choose the right technique for the job. There are two options available to them: foot felling or cutting in section, with or without wiring. Before choosing one or the other options, they will have to analyze the pros and cons of each situation: the slope of the terrain, the size, the age, the state of the tree, etc.

Regardless of the technique chosen, several factors remain crucial. It should be noted at the outset that during the cutting, it is strongly recommended to wear a hard hat, working boots, safety glasses, safety gloves and protective pants for the chain saw. Inevitably, when the tree falls, debris will be violently thrown into the air, which can constitute a serious risk of injury, even for the worker equipped accordingly.

The equipment required to cut a tree

It is worth noting that often the material used in a slaughter is often unknown to the general public. Not only is there a large number of mechanical saws that can be used in cuts, but a professional lumberjack or tree grower can also use tools such as wedges, cables or Ensure effective and safe work. These tools and their functioning are the object of an apprenticeship specific to the industry.

The first tool that is needed is a chainsaw. This will reduce the tree into sections.

After the tree is cut down into sections it will need to be further reduced in order to be hauled away. Get the best rated table saw that you can find to make sure that it can handle a job like this, as it can be pretty intense on the blades.

After that you need a big truck or some other vehicle that is capable of hauling away a lot of weight. If you don’t know anyone that has a truck then you can always just rent a u haul.